Water Is Leaking From The Indoor Unit

One of the benefits of air conditioning is that when your system is cooling your building, it is also removing moisture from the air. This helps with the humidity level in the building, which helps maintain your comfort level.  However, this condensation has to be safely relocated out of the building.  This is done through the use of PVC drain lines.

Sometimes, the drain lines become clogged with algae.  To prevent this, put a little bit of a bleach/water solution down the drain line when you change the filter every month.  This helps inhibit algae growth, and it helps keep your drain line clear.

The Air Conditioning System is Frozen

This is either an air flow or refrigerant issue.  More often than not, the culprit is a dirty/clogged air filter.  Check your system's air filter and if it's dirty, change it with the correct sized filter for your system.

If the filter is good, then this requires a service call.  However, you must shut the system off, so that it can defrost.  You can do this at your thermostat.  While at the thermostat, turn the fan setting from 'Auto' to 'On."  This will help thaw the system, and it will help circulate the air in the building.

DIY Tutorials

At Marlow Mechanical Cooling and Heating, Inc., we are committed to providing you with outstanding service and air comfort products at a good price.  However, there are many things that you can do to help prevent suffering in the summer when the AC quits or in the winter when the furnace struggles.

Below are some of the most common things that can increase the life of your heating and air conditioning unit and save you money.

Importance of Your System's Filter 
All heating and air conditioning systems require the use of filters to keep the coil from getting clogged with dust.  With properly sized filters that are changed regularly, a system is able to 'breathe' properly, and it runs at its peak efficiency.  It also filters out the dust, pollen, pet hair, etc. from your building.

When a filter becomes clogged with dust, pollen, etc, it causes the fan to work harder in an attempt to move the proper amount of air across the coil.  The efficiency of the system is diminished, and it will take longer for the unit to cool or heat the building.  Pre-mature failure of the fan motor can also occur, because of the excessive demand placed on it.  

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Area Around The Outdoor Unit
Just like the coil in your air handler or on your furnace needs to be able to 'breathe,' so does the coil of your outdoor unit.  Your outdoor air conditioning unit needs to be clear of grass, bushes, weeds, etc.   We always recommend turning the system off when cutting grass around the unit, so that grass clippings and dust doesn't get trapped on the coils.  At least twice a year, rinse off your outdoor unit's coil with a garden hose.

The System and Thermostat Are Not Working

If your system quits working and your thermostat isn't working as well, there are a few things that can be checked.  First check the breakers for the system at the panel box.  

If that checks out ok, the issue may be the thermostat.  Most thermostats are wired so that as long as power is supplying the air conditioning unit, the thermostat is powered.  However, some thermostats are not wired this way, and they require batteries to operate.  If after the batteries are changed the system continues not to operate, a service call is needed.  

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If there is water in the emergency drain pan but the drain lines are draining properly, this could be due to a frozen coil or a cracked drain pan.  If the filters are ok, a service call is needed to correct the issue.

If these D.I.Y. Tips do not correct your problem, call Marlow Mechanical Cooling and Heating, Inc. today.

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